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By Sam Walter Foss
The Deep-Down Things are strong and great,
Firm, fixed, unchangeable as fate,
Inevitable, inviolate,
The Deep-Down Things.

The truth endures. Men pass from youth,
Books, creeds and systems suffer ruth;
Change has no dart can slay the truth -
The truth endures.

The Deep-Down Things! All winds that blow,
All seething tides that roam and flow,
May smite but cannot overthrow
The Deep-Down Things.

The surge of years engulfs the land
And crumbles mountains into sand,
But yet the Deep-Down Things withstand
The surge of years.

Behind the years that waste and smite
And topple empires into night,
God dwells unchanged in changeless light
Behind the years.

The Deep-Down Things! Of little faith
Is he who fears they suffer scathe -
Impervious to the darts of death -
The Deep-Down Things.

      Baptist World.

[From The Baptist Message, SSB SBC, 1911, p. 8. This book was provided by Steve Lecrone, Burton, OH. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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