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Central District Association of
Colored Baptists in Kentucky,
Meeting in Owenton Baptist Church

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      Dear Brethren of the Central District Association:

      Having been appointed by you to write the Circular Letter of the 18th annual session of this Association, I must confess that it is with no little degree of interest that I undertake this task I feel it one of the most important subjects of this assembly. I scarcely know what to say since there is so good much [much good] to be said. When I take a retrospective view of our work and see how much has been done, and how few workers we had in the beginning of this great work, and the many disadvantages and embarrasing circumstances through which the work was done; I am made to say truly the Lord must have been in the work, for we have done much towards converting the world to the Lord, and much towards elevating our people. In every way we have striven hard to dig down the mountain, until we have succeeded in makeing [sic] the road level. And yet when I look at the work before us, I feel that there is no time to spend in idleness, but that each of us need to be up and a doing. The Master stands crying each hour go in my vineyard and work. Brethren we need to be faithful in the work of the Lord. When we consider that our work is the work of the Lord, which is fast converting the world to the Lord. Brethren, to us this work is intrusted, and too much preparation to do this good work cannot be made. We are contending with the world; should we not be equal to it in knowledge, ought we not to have as keen a sword, and as good implements of war as those whom we are to fight? I answer yes. We need a better informed ministry, to stand with the better informed people of this world, and shall we not have them? Shall we not make them of ourselves? The time is ours, and whv not improve our time: the people are calling for such men, and God has prepared a way for them, and unless we make of ourselves what we ought to be, we will be forced to take the back seat. Now think of the many schools and colleges throughout this country. Has not God given them to us? Yes, and for no other purpose than that we should educate ourselves. A word respecting our University at Louisville, I consider it a God given blessing to the Colored people in the State of Ky. and we should feel proud of it. Moreover as pastors

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of the various churches of this Association; we should more strongly urge our young aspirants to the work of the gospel ministry, to attend that school at least until they become an English scholar. Not less than one hundred young ministers should be in attendance annually. Now bretheren [sic] if we discharge our duty, we can have them there next session. Let us pledge ourselves to increase the number of young ministers in school next year. In conclusion, Brethren let us do more in the future than we have in the past. God will more abundantly bless our work.
D. Anderson.

[From M. Allen, Moderator: Minutes of the 18th Annual Session of the Central District Association; via the SBTS Archives, Adam Winters, archivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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