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Sunday-School Convention
July 28 & 29, 1888
Introductory Sermon –
A. C. Davidson
Organizing Convention

Essay – Is the Sunday-School a part of
Our church work?       J.H. Averill
Discussion by R. E. Kirtley

Essay – Is it the duty of all our members
to engage in S. School work as a means
of growth in grace and knowledge?
      J. H. Butler

Discussion by       Dr. S. M. Adams

Essay – Should Distinctive Baptist
Principles be taught in our Sunday-
Schools?       T. L. Utz

Discussion by       J. A. Kirtley

Essay – Our Sunday-School Literature.
      J. H. Fulilove

Discussion by       C. H. Green

Probable effect of Sunday-School
Work in Experimental Religion.

Discussion by       Dr. D. M. Bagby

Essay – Importance of Cooperation
Between Teachers and Superintendent.
      Andrew Ellis

Discussion by       A. L. Vickers
[From Boone County Recorder, Volume XIII No. 35, July 4, 1888, p. 3; via The Time Keeper, p. 66., by Anthony W. Frohlich. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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