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Elkhorn Baptist Association (KY)
Circular Letter, 1846

By L. W. Seeley


      By request, we present you on the present occasion, with a succinct statement, showing the condition of the respective Churches composing this body, as set forth in their letters sent up to its present session. We shall observe the order in which the letter was read.

      CLEAR CREEK, WOODFORD COUNTY. - Nothing of unusual interest has occured in this Church during the year. She seems to feel her languid condition, and earnestly desires a refreshing season. Preaching twice a month. W. F. Broaddus, Pastor.

      GREAT CROSSING, SCOTT COUNTY. - The condition of this Church is on the whole improving. During the year she has been doing more than usual for the cause of missions; she has also a flourishing Sabbath School. Preaching twice a month, by Y. R. Pitts and W. G. Craig.

      BRYANT'S STATION, FAYETTE, COUNTY. - This Church is recovering from the effects of former calamities. Her letter breathes a spirit of deep devotion, and longs for a general revival of religion. Preaching once a month. Edward Darneby Pastor.

      STAMPING GROUND, SCOTT COUNTY. - Fourteen of the members of this Church have died during the year. Her letter says: "The melancholy list of mortality which we report to you this year stands unparalled in our history as a Church, and yet we seem to be humbled." God has not, however,

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withheld his favors. She has received 22 by baptism, and has quite a flourishing Sabbath School. Preaching twice a month. J. D. Black and J. R. Barbee.

      DAVID'S FORK, FAYETTE, COUNTY. - The letter from the Church breathes a spirit of deep depression in view of her cold and inactive condition. She solicits an interest in the prayers of sister Churches. Preaching twice a month. R. T. Dillard Pastor.

      BIG SPRING, WOODFORD COUNTY. - This Church says she enjoys peace, but complains of her coldness, and desires to be revived. Preaching once a month by brother Quinn, licentiate.

      NORTH FORK, FRANKLIN COUNTY. - The letter of this Church breathes a good spirit. They seem to be getting a long well under the care of brethren B. F. Kenny and W. G. Craig. Brother C. Lewis also preaches to this Church.

      MOUNT PLEASANT, JESSAMINE COUNTY. - This Church seems to have enjoyed a good measure of religious prosperity during the year. She avows herself friendly to the spread of the Gospel. Her letter states that there is not a Baptist Preacher residing in the county. Ministering brethren are soliciting to visit her, to aid the Pastor in preaching the Gospel. Preaching 3rd Saturday and Sunday. Y. R. Pitts Pastor.

      SILAS, BOURBON COUNTY. - The Church complains of her lukewarmness and inefficiency. She longs for a revival, and prays that the time may soon come when the Gospel shall be carried to the ends of the earth. She solicits an interest in the prayers of sister Chruches. Preaching once a month. J. D. Black Pastor.

      GEORGETOWN, SCOTT COUNTY. - This Church has enjoyed an unusual degree of prosperity during the year. Her internal condition is greatly improved. Her increase by baptism and letter is 38. She has raised about $3,000 for various purposes. Her Sabbath School has been more interesting than at any previous time. Several of its members have made a profession of religion. D. R. Campbell Pastor.

      HARTWELL, SCOTT COUNTY. - This Church has been greatly blessed this year by visits from the Beneficiaries of Georgetown College. She has a flourishing Sunday School, conducted by these brethren, who also preach to her frequently. Regular preaching once a month. Elder John Lucas Pastor.

      FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, LEXINGTON. - This Church has recovered from her former difficulties and is greatly improved. Her increase by baptistm and letter is 33. She has a flourishing Sabbath School, and is actively engaged in efforts for the spread of the Godpel. W. M. Pratt Pastor.

      AFRICAN CHURCH, LEXINGTON. - This Church is auxiliary to the 1st Baptist Church. Her members number 1143. She is orderly and flourishing. Preaching every Lord's Day. L. Ferrell Pastor.

      PLEASANT GREEN AFRICAN CHURCH, LEXINGTON. - This is a small Church, and is auxiliary to the 1st Baptist Church. She is doing well, but has no regular pastor.

      PARIS, BOURBON COUNTY. - This Church records her gratitude for past favors, but complains of present apathy. She has a good Sabbath School which promises to be a great blessing to the rising youth. G. G. Goss Pastor.

      DRY RUN, SCOTT COUNTY. - The state of religion in this Church has been almost stationary during the year. Peace, however, reigns in their midst. Preaching once a month. J. D. Black Pastor.

      CANE RUN, FAYETTE, COUNTY. - This Church has not enjoyed any special religious prosperity from some time. She complains of her apathy and prays for a revival of religion. Preaching twice a month. B. P. Drake Pastor.

      LONG LICK, SCOTT COUNTY. - The labors of brother W. R. Combs, missionary of the General Association, have been of special service to this Church during the present year. 34 have been added to her number, and a flourishing Sabbath School has been established, and is being conducted vigorously.

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Brother Combes has resigned and brother J. E. Duvall preaches once a month.

      EAST HICHMAN, JESSAMINE COUNTY. - This is an interesting Church. She is actively engaged in every good work, and enjoys a good degree of religious prosperity. Preaching twice a month. R. T. Dillard Pastor.

      GLEN'S CREEK, WOODFORD COUNTY. - The letter of this Church shows that the brethren are deeply engaged in measures of internal improvement. Considerable additions have been made to their number during the year. They have a Bible Class and Sabbath School, and preaching every Lord's Day. J. L. Waller Pastor.

      HILLSBOROUGH, WOODFORD COUNTY. - In the early partt of the year this Church receivd 35 additions. She, however, complains of great declension, and seems to feel humbled on account of it. They long for a refreshing shower. Preaching once a month. J. Leake Pastor.

      MOUNT VERNON, WOODFORD COUNTY. - This Church has received a few additions during the year. She, however, deplores the want of greater zeal in the cause of Christ. Preaching once a month. W. L. Seeley Pastor.

      VERSAILLES, WOODFORD COUNTY. - This is a feeble Church, just in its infancy. They complain of neglect on the part of the ministry, and desire to be visited more frequently, that they may be aided and encouraged. They have occasional preaching by brethren W. F. Broaddus and J. L. Waller.

      BETHLEHEM, BOURBON COUNTY. - This Church suffered from the effects of the so-called "Reformation," and became so discouraged that she dropped association correspondence for several years. She renewed it at the present session of our body, and states that her prospects are encouraging. She has lately received several additions, has preaching once a month, but as yet no regular Pastor.


      The exhibit here made of the condition of our Churches, as set forth in their several letters to the Association, is far from being as a whole, cheering. Some of the Churches have prospered during the year, but more have evidently declined. How, under God, are we to bring about a better state of things? The letters show one thing conclusively. Those Churches which have had most pastoral labor bestowed upon them, have been most blessed and are most propserous. Mere preaching on the Sabbath - once or twice a month will accomplish but little towards a high standard of piety, intelligence and efficiency among our members. The Churches ought to expect their pastors to "watch" as well as "preach." Less preaching and more watching would be productive of greater permanent good then we now enjoy. The Churches ought, as far as practicable, to enable their pastors to give themselves "wholly to the work." Then every worthy pastor would endeavor to raise the standard of Christian excellence much above its present measure. He would himself be more studious, his sermons would be more instructive, and, of course his practical influence much greater. He would become better acquainted with the real condition of his flock, and could more successfully train them to "every good word and work." We would respectfully submit these hints for the consideration of all concerned, and pray that God may grant us all a greater measure of religious prosperity and enjoyment during the coming year.
F. C. McCalla, Clerk.
Will Rodes, Moderator.

[Transcribed from an original document at Elkhorn Baptist Association Office, Lexington, KY; 1846, pp. 6-8. - Jim Duvall]

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