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     The Green River Association began on June 18, 1800. It divided in 1831 over the issue of Campbellism; the new organization, also with the name Green River Association, was composed of those most stridently opposed to the theology of Alexander Campbell. - History of Baptists in Kentucky by Frank M. Masters, 1953.
Minutes of the Green River United Baptist Association 1831

     An Address to the Churches composing the Green River Association was presented, read and adopted, and agreed to be inserted in the Minutes, viz:

     To the Churches composing the Green River Association.

     You will learn from our Minutes that the Green River Association have divided, and you will also perceive some of the causes -- and many more could be cited: but you are well aware that before A. Campbell visited Kentucky, you were in harmony and peace; you heard but the one Gospel, and knew only the one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism. Your Church Constitutions were regarded, and their principles expounded by those whom we believe God has sent out to preach his everlasting Gospel. Thus you were respected by other denominations as a religious community, often were you favored with refreshing seasons from on High, and many of your neighbors & of your families were brought to a knowledge of the truth. How delightful were your morning and evening interviews, cheered by the Songs, prayers and exhortations of Brethren, and by the presence of Him who has promised that where two or three are gathered together in his name, there to be in the midst. Have not these days gone by? In place of preaching, you may hear your church covenants ridiculed, your faith as registered upon your church books, denounced, and in some instances made null and void - and yourselves traduced. If you would protect yourselves as Churches, make no compromise with errors - mark them who cause division, and divest yourselves of the last vestage of Campbellism.

     As an Association, we deem it our duty to drop correspondence with any and every Association or Church, where heresy is tolerated. Those who say they are not Campbellites, and yet uphold and countenance those who teach the doctrine, are insincere - they should be avoided. You may have been told by them, that they have been persecuted because they would not accept of the Philadelphia confession of faith; believe it not - for no Church, as we believe, has called one of them in question on that point; but they wish to put down the Constitution on which each Church has been received into the Union, and establish their own creed upon the ruins thereof.

     And now, dear brethren, we deem it our duty to invite all those that are firm in the principles, usages and customs of the United Baptists, whether by Churches or parts of Churches, to present yourselves by your Messengers, at our next Annual Association, and you will be received with open hearts and hands.

      And the Association adjourned in order.
          RALPH PETTY, Moderator,
          PEYTON COOKE, Clerk.


[From Green River Baptist Association Minutes, 1831, p. 3; via SBTS Archives digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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