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Campbell County (KY) Baptist Association
Circular Letter, 1830

By William DeCourcy
Alexandria Baptist Church
Beloved Brethern in the Lord: -
     The limits of a letter will not permit us to say much; neither is it necessary, for we not only have Moses and the Prophets, but Christ and his Apostles, and if we neglect such a cloud of witnesses, we can only pray "the Lord have mercy on us." The Scriptures, speaking of Christ, say, it shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. Therefore it becomes us to pay the most strict attention to every word he may have said. To this end search the scriptures with this single motive, viz. to know and do the will of God, for nothing but truth will do us any good, "when rolling years shall cease to move." Then let us in this trying time cry mightily to God, to guide and save as in and through this trying time. Does any one say I am ignorant and know not the way? Let such an one stay himself on his God, and ask wisdom of him who is the source of wisdom. The Scripture are plain, they mean what they say. The way is so plain, that the way-faring man though a fool, shall not err therein. But let us mark brethern, though it is so plain, yet the lion's whelp shall not tread thereon; neither can the vulture's eye see it. You see then it is not by might or by power, the wisdom of man is nothing. He must become a little child. Indeed, John heard a strong angel proclaim, "Who is worthy? and not one in heaven or earth or under the earth was found worthy. John no doubt thought all creation was lost. He began to weep; but glory to his name! the Lion of the tribe of Judah, at this critical moment was found worthy, came forward, took the book, and opened the seals. John immediately heard every thing in the Universe giving glory to the Lamb. Brethern, let us join the universal praise; for he is worthy
for he trod the wine press alone, and of the people there was none to help. The poet has justly said,

"Men's books with heaps of chaff are stored,
God's book doth golden grains afford;
Then leave the chaff, and spend thy pains
In gathering up the golden grains "

     Therefore let us read the Scriptures, for in them every doubt is cleared, and every needful direction is given. Are we anxious to know whether we are the servants of God or of sin? What sayeth the scripture? Be not deceived, he that committeth sin is of the devil. Again now if any man have not the spirit of Chist, he is none of his. Again, as many as are led bv the spirit of God, are the sons of God. Does any doubt whether he has the spirit of Christ dwelling in him? Let him read the word of God for life. There he is told what the fruits of the spirit are; viz. love, joy &c. Do you find in your heart to love God Supremely? Do you love every one in whom you see the image of our Saviour or the fruits of the spirit? Do you long in your heart to know the will of God that you may do it? Do you earnestly cry, "Thy kingdom come, Lord Jesus." Do you feel in yourselves an anxious wish that sinners would come to our Blessed Saviour and live? If so, brethern and sisters, doubt no more; it is the spirit of the living God that dwells in you, that has given you this longing anxious desire for the spread and increase of the kingdom, and welfare of poor sinners. The spirit and the bride say come. Quench not the spirit. It is your duty and privilege to say come. Rejoice in his great name, and let the world see we serve a good master, and who will, ere long come and take us home. Brethern, let us take care we do not join the wicked and slothful servant, in representing him a hard master. No glory to his name! the King of Salem is a good prince. Although Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, he condescends to call himself our brother and friend, and declares to us that his yoke is easy, and his burthen is light. God is Love. It is only devils and wicked men who hate him and call him a hard master. What more could he have done for his vineyard than he has done? Did he not create man in his own image, and place him in a paradise? where man, wretched man disobeyed his kind creator, and thus ruined this fair creation, and brought death and misery on all his posterity. Our glorious mediator stepped in and kept the law in the room of helpless, ruined, dying man, and brought life and immortality to light.      In consequence of sin, man was doomed to die. Our benign Redeemer did not leave us here, but condescended to go with us to the dark and silent grave. At that gloomy time, all nature seemed on the brink of ruin. The sun could not shine when Jesus suffered. If he had not been Love, he had not died. Brethren, cheer up, Our Lord will come again. Then let us press forward with anxious steps to that day. We have every thing to encourage us. The prophet Daniel beheld til1 there was given him dominion and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed; and he beheld until the kingdoms and dominions, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, was given to the people of the saints of the Most High. Brethern, farewell, may the blessings of the Most High rest on you all, is our prayer for Christ's sake.


[From Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1830, pp. 3-4. The document is from the Campbell County Historical Society Library, Alexandria, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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