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      The first two pages of these Minutes of the Elkhorn Baptist Association are so damaged they are not readable.
Monday, May 20, 1793
Page 4

     “Brethren A.[mbrose] Dudley and John Price are requested to write the Circular Letter to the Churches – William Wood to write to the Philadelphia Association – John Mason and Joseph Helms to that of Salem, and Elijah Craig to that of Ketocton: all to make return to-morrow morning.
Page 6
Circular Letter
The MINISTERS and MESSENGERS, of the Elkhorn Association of BAPTISTS
met at Bryan’s, May 18th &c. 1793.
To the CHURCHES with whom we are in connection sendeth our Christian love,
Wishing you Grace, Mercy and Peace.

     WE are now to address you on subjects of greatest importance. To the honor and glory of God, the peace and happiness of Zion, and the advancement of CHRIST’S cause in the world. In order to effect these great things (?) how circumspect and conscientious ought all those to be, that profess to be followers of the LAMB. The letters from the different Churches convey this melancholy idea, that coldness and indifference have spread [blur] baneful influence over the minds of too many [blur] that the Divine presence, is in a great measure withdrawn from those Churches – does it not call for mourning and lamentation? We may be fore dear Brethren, that we are in a back sliding state and have need of examination. Let us therefore put these serious and solemn questions to each of our consciences: Is the fear of God before my eyes? Do I live in obedience to the Divine law? Do I discharge those duties I owe to God, to his Church and to the world? Do I live a life of self-denial and mortification? Is my house a house of prayer? Is my seat never empty in the House of God? Do I honor God with my substance, by imparting of it to the poor and support of CHRIST’S servants? Am I engaged in watching over my brethren in love; in reproving the wicked; comforting the tempted and withdrawing from the disorderly? These are serious and solemn matters. May God awaken you and us to a serious consideration; And if we are truly (?) in these things, what can we expect without a reformation? Suffer us to exhort you in the faithful discharge of those duties above mentioned. The way to (blur) our first love, is to do our first works. And now dear Brethren, we commit you to God, and the word of his grace, praying you may be made meet (?) to be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints in Light and Glory, and remain, dear Brethren, yours in the Lord.
          JAMES GARRARD, Moderator.
          A. EASTIN, Clerk.


From Minutes of the Elkhorn Baptist Association, 1793, pp. 4 & 6; via Baptist Studies Online. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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