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Philadelphia Baptist Association
"A Short Letter During the Revolutionary War"
By Rev. Robert Kelsay, Pastor
Cohansie Baptist Church
     The elders and messengers of the several churches met at Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

     Send our Christian salutation.
     Beloved Brethren, -- Through the sparing mercies of God, we have been permitted to see the revolution of another year, and to meet together, although not at the place appointed by our last Association. Nevertheless, we have abundant cause to admire the goodness of God, that we have a being, and are not driven from our habitations as many of our brethren have been. Dark and gloomy are the clouds which hang over us; therefore, brethren, since the Lord seems to be contending with our guilty land, both by sword and epidemical diseases, his judgments being so evidently amongst us, there is a loud call to the inhabitants in general, and especially to his professing people, to learn lessons of righteousness. Suffer us, therefore, your friends, brethren and ministers, to recommend these few things in love to your serious consideration.

     First. We exhort you in the words of our Lord, to watch against a drowsy disposition, and remissness in fulfilling the solemn obligations incumbent upon us, to the glory of him that called us out of darkness into his marvellous light.

     Secondly. Take special heed to maintain peace amongst yourselves, in these days of confusion. And, let everyone be honestly engaged to fill up their proper stations as creatures bound to eternity, not knowing how long we may enjoy those privileges which we have abused. Let it never be said of one professing to be born from above, that such a one is careless in prayer; reading the scriptures; attending worship and maintaining discipline, seeing we must all be accountable to God for our stewardship at last.

     Thus, brethren, in a few words, we commend you to God and the word of his grace. Subscribing ourselves yours in gospel relations.
      ISAAC STELLE, Moderator.

[Taken from Philadelphia Baptist Associaiton Minutes, 1776. The title is supplied. Because of the Revolutionary War there was no associational meeting in 1777. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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